Brightest LED Lantern…!

The Power of 300 Lumens roars through the Supernova 300 illuminating your surroundings like no other lantern before. A warm, bright light bathes what you need to see now! Small enough and tough enough to travel with you to the most extreme of places, with standing the elements to keep you, your family, friends and loved ones, safe and secure! camping 3  The Supernova 300 Outdoorsman Series comes with a durable retractable hook on the bottom panel for hanging on all types of surfaces.

Built to withstand the elements The Supernova 300 is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing and home use. The next time the power goes out due to  inclement weather, this LED can keep even your darkest rooms lit. This extremely versatile LED Lantern also runs on just 3 d cell batteries. No need to worry about setting it outside to charge with solar power.